Where can I listen to ALL of your shows?

Just click the Linktree button on the footer of any page and you will have access to listen to the complete seasons of all of our shows. Go to the “View All” page for each show to listen to samples right here on the website.

How long have you produced audio and video content?

We just made our three year anniversary with no plans to stop producing the shows you love. We love this too!

Do you offer audio and video production in addition to sound design services?

Absolutely, we can support your next project end to end. Hit the navigation link “Services” on the header of our website to learn more.

Do you hire inexperienced voice actors?

Yes, we believe in giving everyone an opportunity. It is our mission to highlight voices of color in any way possible. We offer coaching and training. We want to work with you! Send us an inquiry 🙂

Are you currently taking on new sponsors?

Yes! Connect with us so we can share details

How can I connect with you?

You can send us a message from our Contact page or just send an Email to info@mermaidlionent.com. You can also slide in our DM on Instagram – www.instagram.com/mermaidlionentertainment

Are you guys really married?

Yes! And still crazy in love with over a decade of stories to tell. Go listen to the Mermaid and The Lion now! It’s our true story told as an audio drama. We give you the down and dirty about our trials and tribulations. It gets real!

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