Mermaid-Lion Entertainment is an audio and video production company which focuses on the art of storytelling. They produce content which highlights people of color under their brand, as it is their mission to give everyone an opportunity. Our proprietary brand, such as Audio dramas have been around since the early days of radio. But, don’t be misled! Audio Dramas are regaining popularity and Mermaid-Lion Entertainment is working diligently to ensure communities of color are exposed to this captivating artform. Mermaid-Lion does not only produce proprietary shows; they also pride themselves in supporting other creatives bring their story to life through sound design, audio and video production, storytelling coaching, and podcast consulting. Stay tuned for upcoming projects in 2023 and early 2024.


Let us help you create the audiobook you deserve. We will help you through the entire production process including the selection a voice, or voices if you choose the multi-cast format. Audiobooks are not to be confused with an Audio Drama. Audiobooks require a written work for a voice artist to narrate acapella or with complimentary instrumentals. A narrator can be hired or an author can choose to narrate their work themselves. Regardless of your choice, Mermaid-Lion Entertainment will help you achieve your desired results. If you are a voice artist looking to be featured on an upcoming audiobook, we are your opportunity hub to get from behind the competition and get noticed by authors who are looking for a voice just like yours. Contact us today to learn how we can be your single source for audio book excellence.



Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level? This spans from upgrading your audio quality to incorporating light sound design for a more interactive listening experience. We will use our expertise and state of the art equipment to elevate your podcast to where it belongs. CONTACT US NOW to learn how we can get your podcast audio to new heights! OUR SERVICES



Are you ready to bring your story to life in its greatest audio form? Then audio dramas are for you! Immerse your audience in an experience they will never forget. Mermaid-Lion Entertainment will help you refine your script, engineer your audio and incorporate sound design resulting in the most realistic listening event your audience has ever encountered. Learn how we can help you get your audio drama completed whether you are in the beginning stages or need support cleaning up previously recorded content. CONTACT US NOW to confirm we are the right fit for you!



Our videography services are tailored to each client’s needs. We provide video content with the most compelling results. We’ve got stories to tell and video is one of the best ways to do it.



Yes, we can do that too!

Let Mermaid-Lion Entertainment create an eye-catching trendy studio with state-of-the-art sound just for you. We will take your ideas from concept, to design, to reality. This includes helping you estimate the cost of your studio (sound proofing, hardware, software, demolition, new additions, paint, furniture etc.) and act as your project manager. Contact us to learn how we can bring your project to life.

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