Mind of a Slave


Mind of a Slave is an audio series which consists of single narratives or two party interviews with individuals who were previously enslaved. Limited Series to run from February 2023 to June 2023 ( Will extend based on funding. More than 100 episodes available.

The Forgiven Trailer


Prepare yourself for a FORGIVENESS EXPERIENCE. The Forgiven Podcast retells Bible Scandals in a more modern setting focusing on forgiveness in a cancel culture. This series will touch on forgiveness by dramatizing some of the most scandalous stories in the Bible accompanied by Scripture Readings, Sermonettes, Affirmations, Gospel Music, and Personal Stories of Forgiveness. Join us on the journey to remind everyone that we too can be forgiven.

The Mermaid and The Lion


The Mermaid and the Lion is a scripted audio drama about two imperfect people who are working on perfecting their love for one another. All relationships are not created equal and no one has the right to determine if your situation is toxic but you. Staying married forever is almost an anomaly; and those who make it have a very dirty story to tell. Angel and Gazza believe they are on the right path to making it last; but the key to their success is understanding where they've been, what brought them together, and what keeps them in love. You may or may not agree with their decisions, interactions, or values but you are guaranteed to be entertained. Follow them through all of the drama, sex, trust issues, pain, growth, and friendship. The Mermaid and The Lion - An epic journey to death do us part.Mature Audience (18+)

Durty Talk


Take a dive into Durty Talk with Angel Sand as she discusses organically gathered survey data collected from 50 guys ages 25-55 (both married, single, in situationships, and divorced). Each week a male guest will give their opinions and simply have fun talking “durty.” They answer these questions and more...Would you like to get spanked?Do you like getting your balls licked?What’s your favorite position for making love?Do you prefer to hear talking or moaning?..Catch up on the seasons!!!Tune in and listen!! Make sure to review and subscribe!!

Stonecrest Weekly


Stonecrest Weekly, where you get all the info you may want to know about Stonecrest all in one place. You may not have the time to Google, so we did it for you! Community Events, Yard Sales, Home Sales, Business Features, Hot Topics, and Sound Offs from our Neighbors Stonecrest Weekly is a Podcast Created by Neighbors, for Neighbors and will stream on all major platforms. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora, YouTube and much more

Privi Sizzle Reel

Privi stands as an innovative transformation of the former Sears building at the Mall at Stonecrest, designed to serve as a unique hub for culinary delights, entertainment, and cultural experiences, poised to become the newfound heart of the East Metro Atlanta Community. It offers carefully curated experiences spanning food, beverages, retail, entertainment, and various amenities, catering to families and individuals seeking an all-encompassing destination.

Product Promo - Shop Box

Blueprint Containers, a modular container construction company. Our company specializes in designing, building, and delivering high-quality modular structures that are versatile, durable, and sustainable. We take pride in offering innovative and customized solutions to our clients’ unique needs, whether it be for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Documentary Podcast

Lyon and Lyons, a story of reparations and repair in the form of a Podcast documentary. Listen to a descendant of enslavers who connects with two descendants of the people his family enslaved.

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Bruce Street - Short Documentary

Built through a grassroots community effort, the Bruce Street School was the first African American public school in DeKalb County and likely one of the first in the state. While the stone school (also known as “the old school building”) was built in the late 1930s, the Bruce Street School’s history of community-led education goes back to the 1880s. The old school building ruins that remain today stand as a legacy of African American education in DeKalb County and the power of community. 

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